Rig construction, repair and assembly

In addition to the design and construction, our areas of specialization include the construction, assembly and repair of rigs of any size, as well as the delivery and integration of associated deck equipment. In this field, we are one of the few specialists in the world and are able to handle tall ships and classic yacht rigs from the first draft to the finished product. In Germany, we are the only company with this scope of services.

If we do not carry out the construction ourselves, we rely on a broad network of suppliers and have them produce masts, spars, fittings, standing and running rigs under our supervision. We deliver sails, winches, spils, electronics and other deck equipment in cooperation with recognized and experienced manufacturers.  Deliveries arrive by truck or ship to you, in any port or shipyard in the world.

We can supply masts and spars made of wood (solid material and hollow-glued), steel and aluminum. We are familiar to special forms such as wooden mats covered with wood veneer or carbon fiber spars with a wood appearance.

Our work includes, among other things:

  • Lili Mareleen (aluminum / steel)
  • Sea Cloud II (Steel)
  • Ciscne Branco (aluminum / steel)
  • Roald Amundsen (steel / wood)
  • Racing cutter Nobile (wood)
  • Bima Suci (steel)