Other Services

In addition to the aforementioned services, we offer the following service:

  • Budget planning
  • Crew training
  • Boat building
  • Commissioning
  • Ship / Yacht Management
  • Warranty management and settlement of insurance claims
  • Conversion
  • Film, theater and advertising projects
Budget planning

Already in the planning stage, we can create the budget for the ship's production, calculate the expected operating costs and set up the annual budget for maintenance, repair, crew and deployment. In the operation of the ship, we can compare and control the budget and the actual expenses for you, up to the cash audit on board and at the charter company.

Crew training

We conduct regular training for crews of yachts and ships rigged with yards and gaffs. Training content is individually tailored to the level of knowledge of your crew. Training content  shall include but not be limited to:

  • Beginner training (handling of lines, safe handling of winches, etc.)
  • Sailing theory
  • Board expiry and maneuver structure
  • Sailing manoeuvres
  • Advanced sailing maneuvers
  • Sailing maneuvers in the storm
  • Emergency procedures
  • Rigging inspection, maintenance and repair work
  • Traditional nautical craftsmanship
  • Fancywork

The training measures can be carried out on board your ship or on board a ship from our network.
Depending on your needs, we train your entire crew or only parts of it. Our skills range from captain training to the training of an inexperienced deckhand.

Boat building

We are happy to advise you on smaller projects and assist you in the construction or restoration of your wooden boat. We offer new vessels made of wood in various types as well as kayaks and canoes through our partner company boot-workshop GmbH. Furthermore we can convey new vessels for you.


As part of construction supervision, we also regularly take over the commissioning of a new ship. This means that the ship is fueled with supplies, the crew is hired and the ship is fully equipped. Catering, spare parts, maintenance material, dinghies, rescue equipment and nautical charts are procured. Contracts for communication facilities concluded and the customs clearance are carried out. Upon request, we also provide this service for ships that were not built under our supervision.

Ship management

We take over the complete ship management from the founding of the owner company, crewing, supervision of the acceptance by the classification societies, setting up and managing the budget, charter management, route planning up to the clarification of VAT issues. We work together with well-known agencies and consultants to offer you the best service.

Warranty management

We are experienced average commissioners and can mediate for you in case of major damage between shipyard and the insurance company and to control the repair of damage in time and at the agreed cost. In the case of warranty damages, we carry out the preservation of evidence, announce the warranty claim on request and enforce it. The work to repair the warranty damage is supervised by us.


You want to have your classic yacht or tall ship transported across the Atlantic by a professional crew without having to be on board yourself? We put together a suitable crew from our broad network and organize the transfer. If necessary, we will arrange the crew so that they can carry out maintenance work on your ship during the transfer.

Film, theater, advertising

A motor yacht in the theater, which is disassembled and reassembled every day? A rowing boat that goes down at full speed? Detailed historical correct advice in the implementation of film projects? You name it, we make it!

With us there are no back standing sails and exhaust fumes in pirate film. We can plan and make special conversions for stunts and theaters. We advise you competently in the implementation of your project in compliance with the budget. From our network we can organize almost any boat you need for advertising.