Design & Construction

Since 1988, we have been designing and constructing boats, yachts and sailing ships starting with the first design and concept through the construction specification to the finished workshop drawing and to the installation and maintenance instructions. Our experienced team of draughtsmen, designers and engineers can cover most of the range of modern and traditional shipbuilding. For large projects, we work with specialized partners, e.g. Oliver Design / Bilbao for interior design, SDC / Hamburg and Technolog Services / Hamburg for steel hulls.
We create drawings on request with acceptance by classification societies (DNVGL, Lloyd's register, ABS etc.), the Professional transport Association (formerly SeeBG), the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and others. We know how to deal with the building materials: steel, wood and GfK, and we have our experienced partners for CfK and aluminum.

References extract:

  • Sailing dinghies, 2-4
  • Tucker boat, 8 m
  • Sailing yachts, 20 m
  • Gentleman's racer, 12 m
  • Motorized cabin yacht, 21 m
  • Roman galley, 28 m
  • Gaff cutter, 39 m
  • Brig, 50 m
  • Gaff schooner, 60 m
  • 3-masted barque, 111 m
  • 5-masted barque, 155 m

Detailed information is available in the references.

Tall ships, sailing passengers, training and training ships

We design and construct classic and traditional sailing ships of any size for commercial and private use. We cover all areas of new construction, repair, refits and restoration, and produce all the required documents and drawings on request.

Specializing in large-scale rigs, we are able to create classic and modern concepts. These include gaff and yardarm rigs, their combinations, as well as Bermuda and DynaRigs. Our expertise ranges from ships with traditional manual controls to fully automated and sensor-controlled systems. Traditional Jarvis brace winches and manual yardarm drop winches are also familiar to us.

We work with historical documents, final drafts by hand, wind tunnel tests and the finite element method, and other techniques to calculate structural strength. In addition, we have a very large library of historic blueprints and publications. Our experience from 30 years of seafaring on ships with classic / traditional rigging is reflected in our work.

With a focus on rigs construction we also offer the drawings of rigs on "foreign" hulls or the preparation of documents for the conversion of professional vessels to tall ships.

Additional services

Classic sailing yachts

In addition to the traditional ships and boats, we also design and construct high-quality classic sailing yachts. The focus is often on the replicas, refits and restorations of yachts of known designers. Our services in this area range from consulting, to building supervision to complete support.

In the area of design and construction, we can supply all the documents required for construction and commissioning. These include among other things, drawings for round bilge and hard-chine yachts, fuselage and structural structure documents, propulsion systems, deck layouts, electrical and piping plans, closure and safety plans and, if required, the ship's part of the ISM Code. We pay special attention to the design and construction of the rigging, the lines, as well as on the keel and rudder.

Early in the design stage, we ensure that your sailing yacht sails well balanced and is sufficiently ballasted. To guarantee the best possible performance, we use modern methods for speed prediction. We use both modern software (VPP) and wind and tow channel tests.

Retaining the classic look, we are able, depending on customer requirements, to incorporate modern components, such as captive hydraulic winches, for example, to keep crew requirements down. Furthermore, we can discretely design and accommodate modern technology to meet the highest standards of comfort without compromising the soul of a classic yacht.

Upon request, we also deliver renderings in addition to the technical drawings so that you can take a walk in your yacht at an early stage of planning.

With a focus on rigs construction we also offer the drawing of rigs on "foreign" hulls or the preparation of documents for the conversion of professional vessels into sailing ships.

Due to our many years of experience, we are able to meet the high demands of our customers and enforce these demands at the shipyards and suppliers, without losing sight of detail and budget.

Additional services:

Motor yachts

We design and construct wooden superyacht boats and motor yachts in traditional (carvel or clinker construction) or modern construction (molded). Our experiences range from the Venetian water taxi to the Gentleman Racer. Furthermore, we design and construct large motor yachts made of steel or aluminum.

In the first step, we compile the specification sheet for your yacht with you and, based on this and on the given budget, we prepare the first designs. Based on this, we develop the construction and the construction specification. To refine the design, we have carried out resistance calculations and tow tank tests. In addition, we search for suitable shipyards and supervise the work to completion.

Additional services: