Since 1988 we design and construct boats, yachts and ships. Our experienced team of designers and designers will be happy to advise you. For larger objects, we work together with specialized colleagues, for example. With Oliver Design / Bilbao for indoor development, SDC / Hamburg for steel hulls or Naval Design / Venice for passenger ship technology.

If desired, we draw up the drawings by Germanischer Lloyd or Lloyd's London, Norske Veritas or other classification societies. We cooperate with SeeBG and create MCA-compliant documents. As building materials we deal with GfK, wood and steel. For CfK and aluminum we bring experienced colleagues to it. We use modern software such as AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Poseidon and Rhino, but also with the hand. The drawings are delivered by e-mail, on CD or plotting.

Examples of previous work:

  • Sailing dinghis of 2-4 m length
  • Roman galleys, 28 m length
  • Tucker boats of 5-8 m length
  • Sailing yachts, 12 m, 16 m, 22 m, 32 m slup
  • Gentleman racer, 10 m, 12 m and 14 m length
  • Traditionsegler, 39 m Kutterrigg
  •  Gaffelschoner, 44 and 60 m length
  • Motorboat 12 m, 21 m, 36 m long
  • Great sailing boat, from 50 m Brigg to the 155 m Five Masts


We have been able to cooperate with many customers in many years of projects in our long-standing business. Here is a small excerpt from our references. If you want to find out more please contact us by phone or via the contact form.

In these new construction and repair projects, we undertook the following work:

  • Configuration
  • Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Design of the rigging
  • Construction of the rigging
  • Install interior
  • Building inspection
  • Survey
  • Service work